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So over the last week or so, I am been approached by more than 3 people about more than 5 people about integrity, ie not counting reps correctly.

I have been CrossFitting for over 7 years and something I realized as one of the greatest lessons I learn each day is to practice CrossFit with Integrity. In life there are so many ways we can cut corners, do something good but not great, finish a project half-heartedly, or finish something that you know was not done 100% correctly either for lack of time or interest. We all have those days when we figured that no one would really notice if we didn’t try quite as hard every time. In our personal lives with our family and friends, we may sometimes omit tiny bits of information or tell a little white lie here or there, whether it’s to protect ourselves or others. All of this makes up what we call our personal integrity.

Where do we find integrity in CrossFit? It’s built into every part of what we stand for: community, camaraderie, the WODs, nutrition, the movements, the 10 domains of CrossFit. Integrity is built in to all the details. “When you cheat in CrossFit, the only person you’re cheating is yourself.”  At CrossFit, integrity crosses a broad spectrum and we are constantly checking our integrity.


Workouts are programmed a certain way for a reason. If you are worried about where you finish, your are the ONLY one that cares.  People start caring when you are cheating, shaving reps and not making it fun for them.

In CrossFit, Integrity is:


  • Doing ALL reps programmed by your coach unless told otherwise

– calling yourself out when necessary; giving yourself a penalty for not fully completing an exercise correctly

– realizing you didn’t go below your hip crease in that last wall ball squat, so you add an extra rep

– doing chest to deck push-ups and failing on the last two, so you add a couple reps

– doing the WOD instead of segregating yourself and making up your own WOD.


If you read this and you feel a lump in your throat, this is for you.  We all know you are shaving reps and it’s not a secret..  Please for our community complete all reps, you will know only get in better shape but you will be become a better human.




Toes to Bar Practice


Last assault week

10 rounds

:40 assault cal

2:20 rest





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