CrossFit looks dangerous. Is it?

Performed correctly, functional movements are the safest movements your body can make. At CrossFit Innate, our focus is on excellent form, always. No exceptions! If we abandoned all notion of good form and just tried to go as heavy, hard and fast as possible without first mastering the basic movements and being able to consistently perform them well, you can bet we’d be headed for disaster.

Constantly improving and drilling proper form is so central to what we do as a CrossFit gym that we wrote it into House Rule #6: Do not sacrifice form for speed or intensity. Friends don’t let friends work out with poor form. Be each other’s eyes and call it when you see it. Form is always #1.

How do I know that CrossFit is right for me?

If you are committed to getting into great shape, willing to leave your ego at the door, ready to make friends and encourage others, you are ready for CrossFit. One of the great things about CrossFit Innate and CrossFit gyms in general is that an amazing bond develops between people that consistently push their limits together. You will find yourself doing things you thought you couldn’t do, regularly setting personal bests and having a blast doing it with lots of great people!

Do I need to be in shape before I start CrossFit?

No. Our job as coaches is to meet you where you are at and help you get to where you want to be. Whether you are a high level athlete looking for that next step up or haven’t exercised in years, you will find yourself challenged and encouraged to continue making gains in your fitness.

I have recent or chronic injuries and I can’t perform certain movements. Is CrossFit still a good choice?

Yes. The CFI Health Coaches have a lot of experience working with injured bodies and helping them get well again. In the beginning you may have to take it slow, and we may have to modify certain movements until we get certain foundational ingredients in place (i.e. core connection or learning how to move from the hips). Everything builds on everything else. You can rehabilitate injuries that you have been told you’d be stuck with for life…if you’re willing to put in the work. At CrossFit Innate we will always make sure you have a successful option.

Won’t lifting weights make me bulky?

Absolutely not. This is one of the great media-hyped myths of our time.

What a large number of people consider fitness training is actually bodybuilding in disguise. At CrossFit Innate we use functional movements executed at constantly varying combinations and intensity levels. This is the best tool we know of for creating lean muscle and a proportionate frame that not only looks right, but looks good. In fact, checkout this video.

What type of people work out at CrossFit Innate?

At CrossFit Innate we’ve got all types – seniors, high school kids, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, lawyers, entrepreneurs, engineers, nurses, high level athletes and raw beginners. At CFI, in the truest sense of the word, we have a fitness family. You’ll find yourself building friendships that will take on a life of their own both in and outside of the gym. The only person we’re missing is you!

How many days a week should I CrossFit?

We recommend that our members begin at 3 days a week and see how their bodies are handling the workouts. CrossFit places a wide variety of demands on the body that, in the beginning, may require more rest that what you are used to. You can come more often as your body’s capacity for work and recovery increases. It’s better to exercise 3 times a week at 100% than 4 times a week at 80%. The magic is in pushing your intensity – if you never push it, you won’t grow. Healthy, balanced nutrition will be key to working out more frequently.

What kind of results can I expect a year from now?

The results that you can achieve in 12 months are mind blowing. Forget what you think you know and focus on what you want.

We’ve had members lose over 80 pounds in 12 months, take more than 6 inches off their waist, run a mile where they used to have trouble with stairs, rid themselves of chronic joint pain, eliminate psoriasis and a host of other chronic health issues, get off medications they thought they’d be on for life, pick up their own body weight, do a pushup, go from zero pull ups to 35 and so much more! You can and will achieve amazing things!

My fitness has plateaued, will CrossFit help me break through this?


The beautiful thing about CrossFit’s use of constantly varied functional movement executed at high intensity is that you are guaranteed to find which parts of your fitness are lacking.

For some people this can mean building core endurance and connection, improving motor control, rehabbing a nagging injury with proper mobility and mechanics, or just straight up working harder because you’ve got a coach there kicking your butt (in a friendly way of course!). When you do CrossFit you will find where you’re stuck and push past it.

Furthermore, you record all of your workouts, which eliminates the guesswork. You’ll know exactly what benchmarks you need to hit to get the results you want.

I currently work out at a local gym. What is different about your program?

All workouts are led by our experienced health coaches. You will always have the coaches eyeballs on you, looking for ways to help you improve. No more figuring it out on your own. Our job is to help you get to where you want to be faster and safer, with fewer stops along the way than if you tried to do it yourself. CrossFit is the best system we know of for getting in the best shape of your life. Period.

Workouts are written for the express purpose of challenging your limits. With a team of coaches and a bunch of your friends by your side, you’re going to benefit from not only combined experience, expertise and wisdom, but the collective energy that comes from working out with other highly motivated people. Everyday is different. Kiss your old routines goodbye!

Can I drop in on any CrossFit workout?

No. We require all of our members to complete our On Ramp Program before attending regular classes.